Drinks :Ration - Publications

Journal: Evaluating the Efficacy of a Mobile App (Drinks:Ration) and Personalized Text and Push Messaging to Reduce Alcohol Consumption in a Veteran Population: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial
Daniel Leightley, Roberto J Rona, James Shearer, Charlotte Williamson, Cerisse Gunasinghe, Amos Simms, Nicola T. Fear, Laura Goodwin and Dominic Murphy. Journal of Internet Medical Research: Research Protocols, 2020.

Journal: Acceptability of a tailored mobile alcohol intervention for ex-serving military personnel: A qualitative assessment
Jo-Anne Puddephatt, Daniel Leightley, Laura Palmer, Norman Jones, Toktam Mahmoodi, Colin Drummond, Roberto Rona, Nicola T Fear, Matt Field and Laura Goodwin Journal of Internet Medical Research: mHealth & uHealth, 2019.

Conference: InDEx: An app to manage alcohol misuse in veterans
Daniel Leightley and Laura Goodwin Veterans' Mental Health Conference, 2019.

Journal: A Smartphone App and Personalized Text Messaging Framework (InDEx) to Monitor and Reduce Alcohol Use in Ex-Serving Personnel: Development and Feasibility Study
Daniel Leightley, Jo-Anne Puddephatt, Norman Jones, Toktam Mahmoodi, Zoe Chui, Matt Field, Colin Drummond, Roberto J. Rona, Nicola T Fear and Laura Goodwin Journal of Internet Medical Research: mHealth & uHealth, 2018.

Journal: InDEx: Open source iOS and Android software for self-reporting and monitoring of alcohol consumption
Daniel Leightley, Jo-Anne Puddephatt, Laura Goodwin, Roberto Rona and Nicola T. Fear. Journal of Open Research Software, 2018.

Conference: Information about Drinking for Ex-serving personnel: Development of a smartphone application (app) for alcohol monitoring
Daniel Leightley, Jo-Anne Puddephatt and Laura Goodwin. 4th Annual Conference - Behaviour Change for Health: Digital & Beyond, 2018.